Going Public

I’ve decided that I am going to turn this into a public blog that anyone will be able to see.  I will still be able to make individual posts private if I want to right about something personal.  I will be able to use this blog as a private journal AND as a way to publicly display my photos.

I have had a number of sessions with a personal trainer at The Training Room in Stillwater.  This experience is much better than my first experience with a private trainer.  The trainer – Sally – recently graduated from college with a degree in physical training.  All of the trainers at The Training room have similar degrees.  I feel very comfortable working with them.  They work me enough – for an hour – so that I’m sweating and my pulse gets up into the training zone.  I feel good after the workout and am not left exhausted.

I have three primary goals.  Losing weight (at least 60 pounds) and improving my fitness so that I can walk 10 miles at one go are the most important.  The other goal is to run a 5K race.  I want to do all of this by the time I retire next year in June.

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