Vulture Warm Ups

Vulture Warm Ups
Vulture Warm Ups

After breakfast this morning I headed out with no itinerary on a photo shoot.  I wound my way on back roads to Marine On St Croix and then on to Osceola. In Osceola I had lunch at Taco Loco, and then headed home to finish my laundry.

As I was driving on Highway 4 west of Marine, I saw a vulture land in a dead tree beside the road.  I then saw he (she?) had company so I did a u turn, parked on the side of the highway, switched to my telephoto lens and took a few pictures.  This one is the best.  I guess even turkey vultures need to do stretching exercises before heading out for a long day of soaring.  Actually, I think they were warming themselves in the morning sun.  Note how they are all oriented with their backs to the sun.  I took about 100 shots today, rejected most of them, but ended up with some keepers.

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