Good Samaritans

Snow and more snow.  I’m tired of clearing snow.  I’m thankful that good Samaritans have popped up unexpectedly after the last three heavy snowstorms.  The first time, I’d gotten stuck on the ridge at the end of my driveway thrown up by the city snow plow.  Before I made any attempt to get unstuck a women who lives down the street stopped and said that she would get her husband to help.  He came and they were able to push me out without too much difficulty.  Then – without being asked – he shoveled out the snow plow ridge.

My Little Snowblower
My Little Snowblower

After the last two snow storms, the chap that plows Liberty’s sidewalks plowed out the snow plow ridge, once again without being asked.  Yesterday I was particularly thankful because the little, $150 electric snow blower could not handle the snow plow ridge.  I was able to clear everything else with my snow blower, but not the ridge.  Today I will finish the job and clear off the sidewalk.  It is a good day for the task.  Much like yesterday, it’s sunny and cold.  The neighborhood is beautiful with the clean, white snow and the clear blue sky.  The blue of the sky is striking this time of year because the air is so crisp and crystal clear.  The temperature today will be almost 20 degrees below normal and will stay that way for at least a week.

Snow On 72nd Street
Snow On 72nd Street

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