The Unforgettable Photograph: How to Take Great Pictures of the People and Things You LoveA book with many photographs and suggestions for how to find good photo opportunities.  Most of the photos are people photos, but Lange has ideas that will be of value for any type of photographer.  Here are some of his words:

Never stop looking until your eyes close at night.

Shoot the predictable shot and then keep photographing, always watching for something you don’t expect.

Loosen up.  Find your groove.  Then shoot it.

There are all these absurd rules . . .  So break them – good pictures happen that way.

I followed my son into a dark barn on a farm.  I set up this shot and waited.  After a quick ride around he headed for the door, and I was ready.  (Was there any chance that a little boy on a scooter wouldn’t head out an open door?  I don’t think so.)

Don’t be stingy about pressing the shutter button, either because you think you already have the picture, or because you are too busy checking what you have.  Only when you keep shooting can you find the wave and take it for a ride.





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