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An Awesome Post


Image result for awesome clipartLike, this is going to be an awesome post.  Really!  Maybe even totally awesome

One of my pet peeves is the over-use of “awesome”.  I will be tempted to punch the next waiter or waitress who tells me that my order for an everyday salad and a mundane diet cola is awesome.  It is nothing of the sort.

If everything is awesome, nothing is awesome.

Some other linguistic pet peeves:

  • “Like”
  • “You know”
  • “Just saying”       (What exactly is this supposed to mean?  That the spiteful, malicious thing you just said is excused if you say “just sayin’?”  I don’t understand.)
  • “I/he/she was like . . .”     (This one is really inane.  Have people forgotten how to say “then she said”?)
  • Exaggeration in general.  If not awesome, we can always use unbelievable, amazing, astounding, . . .

Wait, I’ve thought of another language pet peeve:  “flawed” or “fundamentally flawed”.  If you want to criticize a study or report or article, you simply call it fundamentally flawed.  It doesn’t matter whether or not you’ve read it.  An all-purpose critique that fits all situations.  Cool!

A good word:  “Cool”  It is concise.  It can be used without hyperbole or exaggeration.  Although used frequently, it doesn’t suffer from overuse.  Slang doesn’t have to be awful.


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