Green Diet. Not

Nutri System Cooler
Nutri System Cooler

I just started Nutri System.  Before I ordered I did some research to make sure it was a decent program.  It is, but what nobody mentioned (certainly not Marie Osmond) was what I experienced when I met the Fed Ex man.  He had two large packages, one a styrofoam cooler.  The cooler is big, about 26 x 17.5 x 16 inches.  The other package, a cardboard box, is just as big.  I was embarrassed.  Not because I was going on the diet, but because I had gotten so much stuff that is going to sit in a landfill somewhere for the next millennium.  When I opened the two big packages, it got worse.  Lots more plastic, not just the packaging for the food, but also plastic padding to keep the food from shifting.  It feels like an overwhelming mass of stuff that I feel guilty about having.

Both packages had a large amount of these plastic air pillows.

Air Pillows
Air Pillows

Even if the diet works wonderfully, I will not reorder.

Four-Week Shipment
Four-Week Shipment

I’ll use up what I have (a four-week supply) then go back to a focus on non-processed foods, a focus that I should have stuck to.



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