May Day In Duluth

The Two Points
The Two Points

I went to Duluth and environs on May Day.  I wanted to visit Wisconsin Point which is a mirror image – geographically speaking – of Minnesota Point.  Culturally the two points are completely different.  Minnesota Point is residential with houses closed packed along the shoreline.  Wisconsin Point has only one structure one it.  The rest is beaches, beach grasses, and pine woods.  There is also a white, red-roofed lighthouse where the two points are separated by a narrow channel that gives access into the inner port.  I also had lunch at Fitger’s in Duluth and spent time on the Superior shore north of Duluth with my camera on a tripod waiting for the sun to shine through a patch in the clouds which it never did.  I wound back home on the back roads of Minnesota and Wisconsin.  The view of the St. Louis River Valley is from a historic overlook on Minnesota Highway 23.  I came upon the quiet pool and stream along a gravel road in Carlton County, Minnesota.

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