A Tumble In the Park

This afternoon I hiked at Willow River State Park.  For the first time I walked every step of the Burkhardt Trail, about 4.5 miles with a lot of up and down.  I’ve already gotten in nearly 11,000 steps today.

I took a tumble walking on some very slick, wet rocks trying to get a better angle for a photo.  One second I was upright, the next I was down.  My first concern was for my camera.  I think I heard a crack when I fell so I think the camera hit a rock, but it seems to have survived unscathed.  I have a bruised thumb and elbow, nothing serious.  The tumble turned a hike into an adventure.  I got some good pictures that I will blip and blog.

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Here is my photo of the day from yesterday.

Fall Dusk and Moon Over Long Lake
Fall Dusk and Moon Over Long Lake

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