micawberThis is the  journal of me, Steven Sorensen.  It will contain text, photos, other images, whatever suits my fancy.

I also post photos in galleries on My Photo Galleries.

I took the name of the journal from Charles Dickens’s David Copperfield.  Wilkins Micawber, one of the main characters and one of David’s best friends, is always in debt and trying to evade the debt collectors, but he remains optimistic.  Numerous times in the book he says that  “Something Will Turn Up”.  At the end of the book something does turn up.  He and his family emigrate to Australia and he becomes a success.

W.C. Fields remains my favorite movie Micawber.

I started this blog after trying out other mediums for journaling.  Everything from Moleskins and fountains pens, through OneNote and Penzu.  I’m greatly taken with blogging on WordPress, so much so that I’ve abandoned OneNote after having used it for over a year.  I like the way I can do something very professional looking using WordPress.



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