Spring Break In the Great North Woods

This is how we celebrate Spring Break up north.  Looks great, doesn’t it?  All that’s needed is an ocean, some beer, some sand, some sun, some music, a woman . . .

Spring Break At the Beach


Uncommon Age

Uncommon Age Workout Room
Uncommon Age Workout Room

The Uncommon Age Fitness Studio is a five-minute walk from my apartment (The first time I drove to it I found out rather sheepishly that I was in the car for only one minute).  I have walked past it dozens of times and often wondered what it was like.  It looks good from the outside.   Recently I’ve gotten a bit desperate and feel that the only way to beat my constant, relentless fatigue is to concentrate on physical fitness, health, and sleep.  I’m working with a sleep center on my problems with sleep apnea, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need some external motivation to do better with physical fitness.  So, I decided to try Uncommon  Age.

I have now had two session with Jan, a personal trainer.  I am very optimistic, one reason being that Jan and the owner Marty are optimistic and very friendly – easy to talk with.  I like the workout room.  Clean, uncluttered, and sunny with large windows on both sides.  Yesterday I worked on a Pilates machines for the first time and loved it.  Best-feeling workout machine I’ve ever tried.  I look forward to my next session tomorrow.

I have an overall goal of feeling good and energetic again.  I also want to lose a lot of weight (I don’t think I will mention how much.  It’s too embarrassing.) and to be able to hike ten strenuous miles without becoming exhausted.  Eventually I will move from private, one-on-one sessions to classes.  I will post occasionally about how I’m doing.

Wish me luck although I hope I don’t need any.  Wish me perseverance!

Uncommon Age - 2nd Floor
Uncommon Age – 2nd Floor

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Ace Moaner

I had the flu yesterday.  I barely had enough energy to blink an eyelash much less press the shutter button on the camera, so I’ve already busted my 365, phot0-a-day challenge for 2015.  All I did yesterday was lie around moaning and feeling sorry for myself.  I’m getting good at moaning and have started to think of myself as the Ace Moaner.  Maybe I’ll change my name.  I’m still under the weather but hope to get back  to taking daily photos tomorrow.

I was helpless.  Really!

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