I  write this post sitting at my dining room table using my netbook and drinking a few (a few too many) Harp Lagers.  So this post is a free flow of alcohol-fueled impressions of the music of the group e.s.t..

I don’t know what e.s.t. stands for.  It’s a German, jazz trio (piano, bass, percussion) that I discovered on Amazon.  I just got the CD in the mail today.  The music is relaxing – so far – and enjoyable, but it’s nowhere near “easy listening”.  So far I find their music great.  The group has mixed musicality, inventiveness, and good sounds to deliver music that is fine to listen to, but not to far out and jazzy as to be only for hard-core jazz aficionados.  I guess I’m saying that It’s not too deep for me to enjoy.  Great late night listening.  Definitely a CD that will not gather dust on my shelf.


e.s.t. is now starting to verge on too far out for my tastes.  Far out but still funky.


e.s.t. getting a bit frenetic and improvisational for my tastes.  Still great music; as soon as I started writing the previous sentence the music eased off on the frenzy and faded away into the end of the song.  A good song.

Next song starts out slow and bluesy.  The drummer is using brushes, the tempo is slow and relaxed.  The piano easy and melodic.  Wonderful.  Exactly fits my late night, all alone mood.  Not a lonely mood, but a mellow mood where I’m enjoying the music, the Harp Lager, writing this journal entry.  The music is good, life is good.  The music is making me lazy.  I want to just sip on my beer, sway to the music, and let the mood of the music take over my soul.  The song is Believe Beleft Below and the CD is Seven Days Of Falling.

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