Today is the first day of my Road Trip 2014.  I only made it to Fargo because I got a late start.  Fargo seems appropriate because I drove from a warm, humid air mass from down south into a winter-like, cold air mass moving out of Canada.  I was going northwest.  The cold air was moving southeast.  We met, and the temperature dropped twenty degrees between The Twin Cities and Fargo.

I drove about 250, uneventful miles today.  I  expect the driving to stay  pretty boring until tomorrow evening at the earliest.  Straight west across the flat lands of North Dakota on I-94.  I plan on avoiding interstates and freeways as much  as possible, except for getting across the Great Plains.  I’m going to scout my road atlases and stick to scenic roads.

I’m staying overnight at an over-priced Fairmont Inn in Fargo.  It will be cold and wet tomorrow.  I have always pictured myself on this road trip hiking in shorts in warm weather.  I didn’t think it would be too cold for shorts.  Luckily I got a new rain parka and a light-weight fleece on Thursday.  I’ve outgrown the parka and fleece I had.  (Only growing children should outgrow their clothes.  Not a man in his mid-sixties.  I’ve had to replace my entire wardrobe.)

As I was driving today I thought that if I hadn’t made Airbnb reservations, I might have headed south today instead of north.  What would be worse?  Low temperatures, rain, and wind?  Or monsoonal rains in the Southwest strengthened by a hurricane in the eastern Pacific?  I don’t know if there is anyplace in the west that will not be having unpleasant weather over the next few days.

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