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Devil in a Blue Dress (Easy Rawlins #1)I recently finished Little Green, the most recent Easy Rawlins mystery. I enjoyed it so much that I decided to go back to the beginning and start re-reading the whole series. Yesterday I finished Devil In A Blue Dress, a book I enjoyed the first time, have remembered since, and enjoyed it just as much the second time. Perhaps because I also like the movie with Denzel Washington that was made from the book, and I liked the movie’s soundtrack. I think the soundtrack was my introduction to T-Bone Walker, the great bluesman.

Walter Mosley’s first Easy Rawlins is as good as his last.

I decided today to take control of my life again.  I am going to start jogging following a well-thought-out program from the book Heart Rate Training.  I bought a book to log my progress.  The book covers six months.  If I lose 1.5 pounds a week, I can lose forty pounds in six months.  I thus set one of my six month goals to get down to 200 pounds.  I also determined to complete what Heart Rate Training calls Progression A and Progression B at the end of which I will be able to jog continuously for forty minutes.  I can do that in six months; I can do that.  The only thing that can stop me will be injury.

I am also going to cut down dramatically on the beer drinking.  I can’t yet or don’t want to commit to completely stop.  I may have to but I’m not ready yet to make that decision.

9:45 PM

Street Light Bugs
Street Light Bugs

I was roaming around the Anderson Window factory looking for some after dark shots. I noticed this streetlight that was attracting lots of bugs.

Right across the street from the Anderson factory is a large, coal-fired power plant. About two blocks away is the state penitentiary. I was hesitant about taking photos after dark of either facility; concerned that I might be thought a terrorist or someone planning a jail break. So I concentrated on the factory and the bugs. Even then I was scrutinized closely by someone scooting around on a golf cart.


I missed posting photos for a few days.  Below are some shots from August 20 – 24.  None from today yet.

On the 20th, I and Vicky Sarner had dinner at Judy Rossi’s house.  Judy grilled some pork chops that were very tasty.  I drank some beer.  We shared some stories and photographs and had a fine time.

August 21st

On the 21st, I drove to Hudson and took pictures after dusk from the park on the bluff above the river.

August 22nd

I was tired and not inspired today.  Routine photos.

August 23rd

I had not taken any photos of Japanese Beetles until today because I find them disgusting insects.  I am being anthropomorphic when I say that their habits are disgusting.  I am not being anthropomorphic when I say that they are very destructive.  They killed a Hawthorn tree that Monica and I planted by completely exfoliating it in just a couple seasons.  I took the photos today when I saw that they had infested they large plantings of shrub roses in Liberty Park.  The photos help show how they can damage plants.

August 24th

Our photo club’s current theme is night time photography.  I took these to fit the theme and to get my POTD.  I didn’t feel too much like going out of my way to get better shots.

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