New Snow Blower

My New Snow Blower After Successful First Trial
My New Snow Blower After Successful First Trial

I had reached age 65 and had managed to avoid buying a snow blower. I’ve always prided myself on using a good, old shovel, if for no other reason than to avoid the noise of a snow blower. Last season I had a lot of trouble with shoveling and I was coming to dread it. So this year I’ve given in and bought my first snow blower. I will probably need it for only one season so I got a cheap electric snow blower on sale at my local hardware store (hooray for local hardware stores). It works well enough; that’s all I ask. I also had to buy a 100 foot, outdoor extension cord.

After my first trial of the snow blower, I saw that some of my shrub roses still had buds and old flowers, so I snapped a few pictures. Note in some of the pictures the interesting, symmetrical ice crystals.

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