North Hill Walk

I moved to my new apartment in March.  I’ve been charting new walking routes, one of which I described in a previous post.  My latest walk I call The North Hill Walk.  I start with a steep flight of stairs to Pioneer Park, then take cities streets until I hit the right-of-way of an old railroad that’s in the process of being made into a bike trail.  I walk the bike trail until I’m across the street from my apartment complex.  The last 100 or so yards is the path that winds around the complex.  Here is a slide show of parts of the route and a few plants along the way.  I’ve included a shot of a shack that looks like something the Beverly Hillbillies left behind when they moved to Hollywood.  I was surprised to see it in Stillwater – it looks like a house that would be right at home deep in the mountains of North Carolina.

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