Off Again

I went through a second bad night in a row, so I stayed home again.  I don’t regret doing so.  I suspect I’m getting a reputation as being unreliable at work.  I can’t deal with the sleep apnea on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes I’m so exhausted in the morning that I can’t generate the resolve to go to work.  I can carry on and enjoy life in spite of the sleep apnea, but I can’t always get to work.

I was able to take a long ramble around town.  I came upon a community garden on the North Hill that I didn’t know existed. I found a lot of photo opportunities.  I also took some photos behind the co-op.  I was chasing a wasp that was feeding – I think – on some flowers.  Although wasps are carnivores, so maybe this was a fly masquerading as a wasp.  In any event, I haven’t been able to identify the wasp, or fly.  The wasp didn’t stay still very long so getting a good shot was a challenge.  I enlarged considerably the best of the wasp photos.  Here it is along with the rest of today’s selects.

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