On the Road In Nebraska

Sun Lights Up An Abandoned Church
Sun Lights Up An Abandoned Church

I drove down to Columbus, Nebraska over the weekend.  I stopped a number of times along the way to take photos.  I had a run-in with a farmer who told me that “around here we call it trespassing.”  I had driven into an abandoned farmstead that was not posted.  All I was doing was taking photos.  Chill, dude.  I didn’t actually say that.  I was very polite and all ended well.

One picture in the slide show below is of the Randall Valley, which I took from a dirt road above the valley.  How could I not take the dirt road down into the valley to see what I would see?  Way down upon the valley bottom, the road intersected with another dirt road.  At the intersection was an abandoned white church.

Another picture is of a tiny, one-room jail in Verdel, Nebraska.  The jail is about 10 feet by 10 feet.  Notice the barred, glassless windows.  There were no signs to indicate its historical significance or even if it was still in use.  I doubt it.  It would get a bit cold in the winter.  The jail is not actually pink.  I added the color so I could use the picture in a slide show with the theme Color.


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