Our Job Is To Think Big

According to Bernie Sanders in an article on Huffington Post,

Our job is not to think small. It is to think big.

Bernie starts his article with a list of questions all Americans should ask.  A key segment is:

We have more billionaires in this country than any other nation on earth. We also have more child poverty than any other major industrialized nation. We have the highest rate of student debt. We have more prisoners, more homeless people and more economic inequality.

It doesn’t have to be this way. These conditions are the result of deliberate policy decisions. We provide outrageous tax loopholes for billionaires and large corporations. The top tax rate is less than half of what it was during the postwar economic boom. The real minimum wage has fallen dramatically since the 1960s.

We can make better choices.

After listing the questions, Bernie describes the better choices.  I am not going to try to reiterate what Bernie says so well.  Please read the article yourself, especially if you are not yet familiar with Bernie’s views.

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