I Love PenzuI journal using Penzu.  I’ve been using Penzu for a few weeks for my most personal, private journaling.  It has strong password-protected encryption, so I do not worry about anyone else reading my private journal.  I can let it rip and write whatever pops into my fervid little brain.

I love Penzu.  I think it is the purest writing tool I have ever used.  I mean that Penzu puts up the least interference between my thoughts and the (virtual) paper.  A couple of years ago I realized that I didn’t like using pen and paper because I didn’t like the physical act of writing.  Besides that, I think my writing is more self-conscious when I actually write on paper.  I’ve also used Word, OneNote, other journaling sites and software.  Penzu is the simplest, cleanest, easiest.  There is nothing in Penzu that is not necessary for just writing; for just getting the words recorded.  It also satisfies me aesthetically as no other way of journaling ever has.  Hooray for Penzu!  Did I mention that Penzu is free?

I should point out that Penzu is not a competitor of WordPress.  Penzu is a journaling tool for which it is admirably suited.  It is not a blogging tool.

I took photos of only one subject today.  I deleted all but one photo.  Today is the first day in a long, long time that I have ended up with only one keeper.  Here it is.

Long Lake Sunset
Long Lake Sunset

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