Personal Trainer

I have started working with a personal trainer.  I tried this before about 2 years ago.  That was not a good experience.  The trainer at Valley Fitness didn’t do much more than orient me to the weight machines.  She also showed little interest in doing much more.  I’ve now signed on with a young women named Sally at the Training Room.  She recently graduated from St. Scholastica with some sort of physical fitness degree, so she has better credentials that the first trainer I tried.  So also seems to care more and started by evaluating my fitness (which the first trainer did not do).  She actually did some research on sleep problems when I told he that I am chronically sleep deprived.  All in all, a good start.

Working with a personal trainer is a bit expensive, but I think I will be able to cover the cost with the increase in pay from by recent promotion from Information Technology Specialist 4 (ITS$) to ITS5.  My paycheck is $200 larger – one of the largest pay increases I’ve ever gotten.

I’ve gone over a week without posting.  That’s the longest – by far – that I’ve gone since starting this blog.  Instead of trying to post all the good shots I taken since the last blog, I will post just my POTD for each of the days I didn’t blog.

Since the last post , I’ve finished two more Easy Rawlins mysteries.

Black Betty

White Butterfly

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