Smart Photos

A few days ago I bought my first smart phone.  I turn it on once in a while and wonder what I’m supposed to do next.  I see so many people completely absorbed in their smart phones that I feel I ought to be doing something.  Am I missing a whole world of experiences.  Somehow I doubt it.

I’ve learned a lot about taking pictures on my smart phone.  I took some today, most of which were accidental because I didn’t know what I was doing.  In fact, I think it would be fair to say that all of them were accidental.  One was somewhat intentional in that I knew I wanted to take a picture of a particular subject.  But I was outside, the late afternoon sun was behind me, and slanting over my shoulder.  So I could not see anything on the phone’s screen – not a thing.  I clicked the shutter while guessing what was actually framed. Later in the evening, I discovered that the photo had turned out OK and had captured just what I was looking for, except that I was in portrait mode instead of landscape.  A lesson learned:  turn the phone horizontally for most pictures.  The vertical mode produces a quite narrow picture.

Here are my first smart phone photos:

As I’ve been writing I’ve been drinking Crooked Tree IPA from Black Horse Brewing out of Marshall, Minnesota.  A very good brew.  And I’ve been listening to Joy Of Life, a funky, Zen, CD of Indian music.  The CD is by Karunesh who I think is a German.  It’s a good CD.  I must admit that I was first attracted to the CD not by the music but by the picture on the CD.  The image of a graceful women dancing in saffron and magenta.

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