Sunday Morning Going Down

The Guns at Last Light: The War in Western Europe, 1944-1945Nothing is actually going down, but that lyric from a Kris Kristofferson song popped into my head as I started this post.  So I’m using it for the title.  And, the morning is almost over.  I just started laundry and haven’t done much else this morning besides getting breakfast at Brueggers and starting a new book on Antietam.  Yesterday I finished Rick Atkinson’s final volume of his trilogy on the U.S. Army in the WW II campaigns against Germany.  A very good book and a very good trilogy.  The Guns At Last Light presents the readers with a vivid account of the costs of the war.  70 millions deaths.  Total destruction of Germany.  Massive destruction in the Soviet Union and other parts of Eastern Europe.  At that’s just the war against Germany.  There was also the war against Japan.  Impossible to adequately explain  how  something  so devastating could have happened.

Atkinson calls it the “greatest catastrophe in human history“.  He quotes a WW II soldier as saying the war “was a savage, insensate affair, barely conceivable to the well-conducted imagination.  The real war was tragic and ironic, beyond the power of any literary or philosophic analysis to suggest“.

Yesterday I ended up with only three photos.  One of the photos is of Long Lake, one of my frequent photo subjects.  My daily walking route is around Long Lake. The light, clouds, weather, color are constantly changing. I’ve probably taken more pictures of Long Lake over the past few months than any other locale. I keep seeing opportunities.

As I sit at my desk next to an open window doing this blip, I’m hearing the wail of loons from off the lake.

8:15 PM

I hiked through the Brown’s Creek area this afternoon and took about 150 photos; deleted all but about 35; and then edited about a dozen.  Below are the selects for the day.

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