Sunny Saturday

Snow Drifts and Bare Trees
Snow Drifts and Bare Trees

Today I was driving about the countryside across the river in Wisconsin in brutally cold but sunny weather. I love the clear, cold blue of the sky on such a day. I stopped somewhat suddenly on the road when I saw the scene in today’s photo of the day. I parked a bit far out in the road. While I was concentrating on my camera a car came past and drove right into the ditch. In snow country that’s usually not dangerous because the snow acts like a big, soft cushion. The problem is getting out. When I was a kid, before cell phones, we always ended up walking to the nearest farm-house. The farmers always seemed willing to fire up their tractor and pull us out.

It’s supposed to be even colder tomorrow. So probably back to shooting a still life inside by the fire.

Here are some more photographs from today’s excursion.

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