All Creatures Small and Smaller

Yesterday I was looking for wildflowers.  There were none to be found.  I guess it’s still too early even though the last few weeks have been warm.  The only things I could find that had new growth were big (red maples or willows) or very small.  The small things were mosses and lichens which I find very hard to identify.  I’m satisfied if I can correctly state that something is, in fact, a moss.  The mosses are sending out what I think are called sporophytes.  It had snowed the night before, so much of the foliage – dead or alive – was covered in tiny droplets of melt water.  One had to get down on one’s knees or belly in order to examine or photograph such tiny things.  I was wet by the time I finished.  Luckily, the sun came out later in the day, it warmed up, and I escaped death by hypothermia.

sporophytes and Drops Of Snow Melt

I think this may be a small puffball that survived the winter relatively intact although it looks like it “puffed.”  It was in pure sand.  There were more puffballs in the sand.  They grew only as individuals plants spaced a yard or so away from their neighbors.  All dead of course.

Exploded Puffball


More stuff found within an inch or two from the ground.






Two Days Of Bloodroot

Two days ago I spotted my first wildflowers of the season.  Bloodroots were blooming in profusion.  The day was eighty degrees and sunny, and the bloodroots were wide open (first photo.)   The next day was gray, drizzly, and in the sixties.  The bloodroots decided to stay in for the day (second photo).  I don’t blame them.

Bloodroot - Sanguianaria canadensis - on a warm, sunny day.
Bloodroot – Sanguianaria canadensis – on a warm, sunny day.
Bloodroot - Sanguianaria canadensis
Bloodroot – Sanguianaria canadensis



The greenery has popped over the weekend because of the warm weather.  Here are more shots of new spring growth.


Same Subject – Different Lighting

Light-Painted Oak Leaves
Light-Painted Oak Leaves

I took of number of photos of a bunch of oak leaves today.  The camera positions and all camera setting were identical for each of the photos.  The only think that varied was the type of lighting.  All the photos were done using light painting; some using a green light, some a white light, and some both green and blue.

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