Two Days Of Bloodroot

Two days ago I spotted my first wildflowers of the season.  Bloodroots were blooming in profusion.  The day was eighty degrees and sunny, and the bloodroots were wide open (first photo.)   The next day was gray, drizzly, and in the sixties.  The bloodroots decided to stay in for the day (second photo).  I don’t blame them.

Bloodroot - Sanguianaria canadensis - on a warm, sunny day.
Bloodroot – Sanguianaria canadensis – on a warm, sunny day.
Bloodroot - Sanguianaria canadensis
Bloodroot – Sanguianaria canadensis



The greenery has popped over the weekend because of the warm weather.  Here are more shots of new spring growth.


How To Shoot?

On Being . . .
On Being . . .

I recently wrote about Jay Maisel’s book Light,Gesture, & Color in which he writes

All year long I walk around shooting as minimally as I can.  One camera, a zoom lens, and that’s it.

I’m now reading On Being a Photographer.  David Hurn advises photographers to

. . . take on a project that is containable, and can be completed in a reasonable period of time. . . . just wandering around looking for pictures, hoping that something will pop up and announce itself, does not work.

I  think both approaches can work and have worked for me.  It’s true that having some sort of focus, whether it’s a project or a weekly challenge published on the internet, will improve one’s photography.  I have fun just rambling about with camera ready.  Sometimes things do pop up.  I went on a road trip yesterday to work on my project to photograph the St. Croix River from source to mouth.  I also kept my eyes open for pop-up opportunities.  Of the three best photos from yesterday, one was of the St. Croix, the other two were things I spotted while driving on back roads in Wisconsin.  Here are the three:



After the Storm

We had thunderstorms with a lot of rain yesterday afternoon.  After the rain stopped, it was still heavily overcast with the kind of light that makes colors really pop.  I didn’t want to go on a long ramble because more rain was predicted.  So I strolled about the grounds of the complex where I live with camera and tripod and took a few macro shots.  Here are there one that turned out best.


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