Dark Weeks

The weatherperson today said that we’re in the midst of the darkest weeks of the year.  It’s not just that the days are so short, but also because this is the cloudiest part of the year.

Fortunately, there is always light at my kitchen table so I can do some tabletop photography.


Ethereal Tree
Ethereal Tree



More lightpad photography.  See my earlier posts with flower photography  and photos of winter’s detritus for more about this technique.

More of winter’s detritus

Street Pickings


Winter’s Detritus

Winter’s detritus are the bits of last year’s plant matter left over after the winter cold and snow.  Everything is dried and shriveled, but there is still a lot of character and color if one looks closely.  I walked through a community garden and filled a basket with detritus.  I took the stuff home and put together some compositions.


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