I am on the verge of giving in to temptation and buying an HP Chromebook for $279 plus tax.  I have absolutely no use for a Chromebook.  I would have to invent a use, like being able to use Penzu.com in a coffee shop.  But I’m still tempted.  Last weekend I was equally tempted but managed to hold out.  I could put the money to much better use, either to buy an electric snow blower or to buy another house-cleaning from MaidPro.  Both those things are much more important that a Chromebook.  A Chromebook for me would be nothing more than a toy.

On days like today, I sometimes strain to think of something to buy.  Spending has become too much of a past time instead of a way to get things I need.  Here is a question:  do I give into temptation if it keeps coming up repeatedly – like buying a Chromebook – or do I continue to try to fight the temptation?  I don’t really know the answer.  If I continue to be tempted, I will eventually give in, so why not do it and get it over with so that I’m no longer tempted?  Because then something else will start to tempt me.  Our consumer-driven economy is designed to tempt one into making unnecessary purchases.  There will always be temptations, and as long as I have a nest egg I will continue to chip away at it.  I once had $150,00 and have been steadily chipping away at it.  Now I have about $80,000 and am still chipping.  Not all of the chipping has been frivolous.  $20,000 for my car.  $19,000 to my daughter. $10,000 for taxes.  Still, a lot of the money has gone to non-essential items.  If there is a silver lining, it’s that I haven’t incurred one cent of debt.  I will retire debt-free next year, but with a considerably reduced nest egg.

I have had fun though!  Books, CDs, clothing, electronics.  I am a good, obedient consumer.  Spend, spend, spend.

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