The Driftless Area

I recently took a day trip to The Driftless Area with camera in hand.  Here is how Wikipedia defines The Driftless Area:

The Driftless Area or Paleozoic Plateau is a region in the American Midwest noted mainly for its deeply carved river valleys. While primarily in southwestern Wisconsin, it includes areas of southeastern Minnesota, northeastern Iowa and extreme northwestern Illinois. The region includes elevations ranging from 603 to 1,719 feet (184 to 524 m) and covers an area of 16,203 square miles (42,000 km2). The region’s peculiar terrain is the result of its having escaped glaciation in the last glacial period.

River valleys, hills, long vistas; and because much of the terrain is too hilly to farm, many trees.  A very beautiful region.  One of the nicest places to visit in the upper Midwest.  I drove through the area from east to west starting at Baraboo, Wisconsin and eventually running into the Mississippi which I followed northwest to get back home.

I ran into an area with many apple orchards.  The trees were in bloom and the area was thick with the white blossoms.  Many of the orchards were on top of hills from which a person could see for miles.

Here a slideshow of some of my shots from the day.

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