Two Photos

Frosty Mango
Frosty Mango
Winter Heating:  -14 degrees
Winter Heating: -14 degrees

Yesterday morning it was 14 below.  A lot of steaming chimneys in such cold weather.  I caught one of  them for my Photo Of The Day (POTD) yesterday.  The POTD from the day before is of a mango lit by natural light coming through a frosted-up window.  I also used a flashlight to light the front of the mango.

Today it is above freezing.  Tomorrow it plunges right back into the cold, and we’ll have cold weather again next week.  The same thing happened last week.  Sunday had highs in the low thirties, but that was the only day of relative warmth.  The temperature plunged again on Monday.  What a yo-yo.  Unfortunately the warmer days are few; the colder days are many.

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