Uncommon Age

Uncommon Age Workout Room
Uncommon Age Workout Room

The Uncommon Age Fitness Studio is a five-minute walk from my apartment (The first time I drove to it I found out rather sheepishly that I was in the car for only one minute).  I have walked past it dozens of times and often wondered what it was like.  It looks good from the outside.   Recently I’ve gotten a bit desperate and feel that the only way to beat my constant, relentless fatigue is to concentrate on physical fitness, health, and sleep.  I’m working with a sleep center on my problems with sleep apnea, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I need some external motivation to do better with physical fitness.  So, I decided to try Uncommon  Age.

I have now had two session with Jan, a personal trainer.  I am very optimistic, one reason being that Jan and the owner Marty are optimistic and very friendly – easy to talk with.  I like the workout room.  Clean, uncluttered, and sunny with large windows on both sides.  Yesterday I worked on a Pilates machines for the first time and loved it.  Best-feeling workout machine I’ve ever tried.  I look forward to my next session tomorrow.

I have an overall goal of feeling good and energetic again.  I also want to lose a lot of weight (I don’t think I will mention how much.  It’s too embarrassing.) and to be able to hike ten strenuous miles without becoming exhausted.  Eventually I will move from private, one-on-one sessions to classes.  I will post occasionally about how I’m doing.

Wish me luck although I hope I don’t need any.  Wish me perseverance!

Uncommon Age - 2nd Floor
Uncommon Age – 2nd Floor

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