Water and Ice

I hiked to the falls on Willow River State Park yesterday.  I wanted to see and photograph the falls as they look in the midst of this cold spell.  (Speaking of cold, when I got to the park, I discovered that I had brought two left-hand gloves and nothing for my right hand.  I spent the outing with my right hand in my pocket or getting icy cold when I was taking photos.)  I was surprised by how much ice there was and by how much the ice muted the sound the falls makes when there is no ice.  I’m posting two pairs of pictures.  One of each pair was taken  in late June.  One in each was was taken yesterday.

February - Willow River Falls
February – Willow River Falls
June - Willow River Falls
June – Willow River Falls










Willow River - February
Willow River – February
June - Willow River
June – Willow River























Some other shots from the day:

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